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Luciana is a 2015 NFTS (National Film and Television School) graduate.  She has worked in Colombia and Spain before coming to the UK.  Among her works, her NFTS first year film has screened in London Short Film Festival in January 2016, and in Montreal Film Festival (Festival Des Films du Monde) 2015.  She has been camera operator for Colombian TV series 'Escobar: El Patron del Mal'. The short film "Salome", shot in Medellin in 2011 won the special mention award in "Salon Internacional de la Luz", a Colombian festival dedicated to the art of cinematography.

Luciana enjoys shooting all kinds of narrative.  She also shot and collaborated with documentariy directors during her Master degree in the national film school





















Luciana Riso Soto was born in Medellin, Colombia. Both colombian and italian (colombian mother, italian father),  she left Colombia when she was twenty-one to study film at CECC (Centre de Estudis Cinematografics de Catalunya) in Barcelona. After finishing three years study she started working in the camera department for big advertisment productions in Barcelona.  Wanting to keep up the creative process she started flying back and forth from Colombia to Barcelona.  In Colombia she started collaborating with director Laura Mora.  

In 2009 Luciana settled in Colombia and during four years she worked as second camera assitant in feature films and shot short films, documentaries and some adverstisment  for online campaigns as well as broadcast.

After finishing an eight month camera operating job in tv series "Escobar El Patron del Mal", she decided to apply to first level cinematography schools. Until then, eventhough she had studied in Barcelona and travel to Cuba to San Antonia de los Banios film school for a summer workshop in 2005, she felt her cinematography journey was very much selftaught and wanted to master her craft.

Since late 2013 Luciana moved to London and has been studying at the NFTS (National Film Television School).

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